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Welcome to our transformative 6-week challenge program designed to help you achieve your fitness goals and create lasting changes. Unlike traditional challenges, we offer a unique approach that focuses on accountability, learning, and personal empowerment.

Let's break down how our program stands out from the rest:

  • 1. Commitment and Excitement

    Sign up for the challenge and embrace the excitement of making a positive change in your life.

  • 2. Habit Formation + Structured Classes and Accountability

    Build sustainable habits with consistent training, focused mindset, and lifestyle adjustments.

  • 3. Skill Development + Confidence

    Enhance your technique and form under the guidance of experienced trainers, maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts. Gain the confidence and self-assurance to overcome challenges and achieve your fitness goals

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Aim to participate in at least 3 group classes weekly, as dedication to consistent training is key to achieving optimal results.

  • Conveniently scheduled on Monday, Tuesdays, Thursday & Saturdays, with both morning and evening options available.* Depending on numbers we will look at opening more classes*
  • Our classes go beyond the typical 45-minute circuits, offering a diverse range of workouts tailored to your needs
    🠮 2 X STRENGTH


Gain the knowledge and confidence to navigate the gym independently, allowing you to take accountability for your own fitness journey.

  • Enjoy full access to the gym during alternate times when classes are not scheduled.
  • Receive a bonus personal training (PT) session that you can schedule at your convenience to further personalize your fitness experience.


  • Access our basic nutrition guide, understanding that individual dietary requirements vary, allowing you to adapt the guidelines to suit your specific needs.
  • Join our introductory night, where you'll meet and connect with fellow participants, along with our supportive team of trainers.
  • Access all classes through our app, book and reschedule classes at your finger tips


  • Capture your progress with before and after photos, witnessing the transformative changes throughout your fitness journey.
  • Compete for the titles of "Overall Weight Loss/Muscle Gain Winner" and "Most Dedicated," fostering a spirit of healthy competition and recognition for your outstanding efforts.

    Winning money is the wrong mind set to have when entering a challenge, The true incentive lies in the transformative impact on your life, but as a big congratulations winners will receive a fitness package filled with all things to continue their fitness journey!