Kids Indoor Soccer League

Baysides Newest Kids League has began!

Our kids indoor soccer league, offers an exciting and fun-filled opportunity for young athletes to discover the joy of indoor soccer conveniently located in Bayside.
Our pitch allows for a 4 v 4 game, with 3 on the pitch and 1 in goals. Children of all skill levels are welcome, with our league fostering teamwork, sportsmanship, and a love for the game!

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The Kids league is played on Mondays from 5:15pm


$60 per game per team


You must have minimum 4 players in your team and to play.
You can have multiple subs, but we recommend 1-2 to ensure players get adequate game time.

Rules & Regulations

Please read tab below with full Rules and Regulations prior to starting the league.

Rules and Regulations / Terms and Conditions - Tournaments, Friendlies, and General Play

2Addictive Lifestyles Soccer tournaments, friendlies, and general play are always action-packed, small-sided games that'll keep you on your feet throughout the whole game! Quick Feet, Keep fit, and Show off some Tricks!

General Rules

  • All games are played with the 2Addictive soccer ball.
  • Court measures are: 16m x 12.5 m
  • 4 v 4 (1 goalie + 3 on field for adults)
  • Please bring your own gloves. 2addictivelifestyles facility does have gloves but it may not be the correct size for your goalie.
  • Match: Kick-off is from the center circle – each team will have a kick-off per half.
  • After a goal has been scored, the game will be re-started by the team who conceded the goal kicking off from the center. Both teams must be in their half at kick-off.
  • Play begins after the referee's whistle.
  • Wearing jewellery is not advised and may prevent the game from starting.
  • No slide tackles are allowed. Infringement may result in a free kick + a yellow or red card.
  • No pushing players into fencing or unsafe tackles from the back against the fence.
  • Free kicks may be direct or indirect at the referee's discretion.
  • If a player enters the goalie's square, it automatically becomes the opposite team's ball.
  • The Referee's decision is final, and no discussions will be entered into on or off the field.
  • Complaints should be directed to management via email at
  • Disclaimer: All players participate at their own risk at 2Addictive Lifestyles and acknowledge and agree to waive all claims and liability for any loss, damage, injury, or expense. A waiver must be signed before playing at 2Addictive Lifestyles.

Guest Players:

  • A guest player may play with a team if cleared by 2Addictive Lifestyles staff for one week if the team is short a player.
  • Guest players should not continually play for the team unless they are replacing a current player.
  • Guest players cannot play in the finals if their team reached that point.
  • We aim to keep it fun and social, ensuring fair play.

Shin Pads/Footwear:

  • Shin pads are recommended but not compulsory.
  • Only indoor soccer boots and runners are allowed on the field. No studs.


  • Teams earn 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, and 0 for a loss.
  • League position is decided by points, followed by goal difference, followed by goals scored. Gala days are knock-out competitions.

Suspended Players / Behaviour:

  • Respect between teams and referees is required.
  • Teams playing a suspended player automatically lose 10-0.
  • Suspended players must serve their suspension.
  • Fighting results in a permanent ban.
  • A yellow card is a warning; 2 yellows lead to suspension.
  • Serious foul play may result in longer suspension or a ban.
  • Camera footage may be used to make decisions and shared with authorities if needed.

Kick-Off & Forfeits:

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before kick-off to pay game fees upfront.
  • Be ready at the appointed kick-off time. A 5-minute lateness grace period applies.
  • Teams failing to appear forfeit 10-0, and repeated absences may result in removal from the league.
  • Teams may be required to pay for 2 matches in advance.
  • Stopped games are rescheduled; leaving early results in a 3-0 loss.


  • Match schedules are posted on the website and in the 2Addictive facility.
  • Team captains can collect player details and waivers from staff.
  • All league results are displayed on the website.


  • Substitutions are unlimited during the game, with referee awareness.
  • Substitutes must stay outside the pitch perimeter.
  • Goalies can be substituted when the ball is in their hands.


  • Only the goalkeeper can play the ball inside the goal area and handle the ball there.
  • The goalkeeper can return the ball into play by rolling or kicking it.

Final Rules:

  • Team that has most points and is at the top of the league wins. If points are tied aswell as goal difference, a finals placing will be held.
    (This will apply if a league has over 6 teams)
  • 4 teams reach the Semi-Finals.
  • The bottom 2 play a knockout game for 3rd place.
  • The Finals follow 3rd place, with potential extra time.
  • Only season-long players participate in finals.
  • Penalties may occur in finals if a tie persists.
  • The 2Addictive Lifestyle Ref reserves the right to determine the winner.

Season 3 Details :

Age: 10 - 12 year old

Start:19th February 2024

Finish: 25th March 2024
(6 week comp)

Cost: $60 per team per game

Minimum 4 players to play


Season 3 Schedule