Fostering a dynamic and engaging experience that combines learning with play, 2addictivelifestyles Soccer Holiday Program is the perfect solution to keep young minds and bodies active during this school holiday break.

Geared towards instilling valuable soccer skills, our program also features plenty fun, interactive games, and fond memories with friends.

With 2 fully booked out weeks last holidays this sought-after Holiday Program stands as the best Soccer Program in Bayside!

Don't let your child miss out on this exciting opportunity!

  • Ages 5 - 7 year olds

    Dates: TBA

    Time: 9am to 11am

    Ages 8 - 12 year olds

    Dates: TBA

    Time: 9 am to 11am


    Ages 13 - 16 year olds


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Program Information

What is the cost per session ?
Early Bird Special $47 per session.
Normal Session is $55

How long does the session go for?
Each Session runs for 2 hours.

How long does the Soccer Holiday Program go for?
Our Soccer Holiday Program runs for 2 weeks in the Easter Holiday Program.

Can my child do more than 1 session?
Yes, of course! Most kids love doing multiple sessions.
To book multiple session please read booking instructions below.

Does my child already need to be playing soccer?

Not at all, our program caters for all skill levels.

Break time snack
Kids will have break and receive Vege Chips or Popcorn

Vege Chips are individually wrapped snacks that are vegan friendly, gluten-free. Popcorn is the Woolworths brand.
Kindly inform our staff if you prefer that your child does not receive a snack.

What do kids need to bring?

-No soccer boots, runners only!
-Water bottle
-Medical (Asthma inhaler)

Behaviour in our sessions. We understand children lose focus, but if your child has behaviour issues we ask that you contact us prior to booking.
Please read T/C below for more.


T/C's :

  • All programs are pre - booked
  • If there is program availability we will accept further students. Please contact us if the session says BOOKED OUT
  • Once booked online, the program is non refundable
  • If your child will be late or need to leave early please advise staff before program commencement
  • In the event that your child falls ill and is unable to participate on the scheduled day, please notify us promptly via phone or email. Regrettably, as the program requires pre-booking, their reserved spot will be forfeited and cannot be refunded.
  • Parents or Guardians MUST fill in pre-questionnaire on arrival.
  • In the sessions, we maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards inappropriate conduct or insufficient participation and attentive behavior. We recognize that children might occasionally become distracted, which is completely normal. However, in cases where a child exhibits misconduct, disrupts the session, causes damage, or poses a risk to others, we will promptly contact the parent or guardian to arrange for the child to be picked up.
  • All Medical issues must be notified to a staff member prior to commencing program. Depending on the medical issue a manager has the right to refuse the child to participate.


Should i pack an extra snack for my child for the day?
As we are providing a small snack, it might be a good idea to pack an extra snack if your child gets hungry. Nut Free & Allergy Free Snack.

If i/my child cant attend due to being sick or any other circumstance is the program refundable?
In the event that your child falls ill and is unable to participate on the scheduled day, please notify us promptly via phone or email. Regrettably, as the program requires pre-booking, their reserved spot will be forfeited and cannot be refunded.

What do you recommend for shy kids?
We understand that for children who haven't had much exposure to group settings outside of school, taking part in group activities can feel a little overwhelming. With viewing 100s of kids joining our programs, it's heartening to see that once they dive into the fun, their shyness often melts away, replaced by excitement to participate.

To help our young players ease into the experience, we suggest that parents consider staying around for the initial 5 to 10 minutes if their child is feeling a bit shy. This provides a sense of reassurance, and as soon as the kids start feeling more at home, parents can gradually slip away, knowing their child is in good hands.

You can only select 1 session at a time, but kids can participate in more than 1 session.

Booking Instructions
Select a Session
Choose a session that suits your schedule.
Booking Instructions
Set Session Date
Specify the date for the selected session.
Booking Instructions
Multiple attending
If you have multiple children in the same session, indicate the quantity of participants.
Booking Instructions
Add to cart
After finalizing details, click 'Add to Cart' to confirm your session.
Booking Instructions
If you want to book another session, repeat the steps and change the date/time.

In the Notes Section enter your child/ren name

A staff member will contact you prior to the Holiday Program

Have a question about the Soccer Holiday Program?

Fill out the form below, and a staff member will contact you within 24 hours.

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