Soccer Birthday Party at 2addictiveLifestyles Training Centre!

Soccer Birthday Party at 2addictiveLifestyles Training Centre!

Soccer Birthday Parties at 2addictiveLifestyles

Elevate the Celebration for Your Young Soccer Star

Getting ready for a whole lot of fun with 2addictivelifestyles soccer-themed birthday party! Enjoy a stress-free, soccer-themed party at our Bayside location: 325A Bay Road, Cheltenham 3192. Our unique facility provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable kids' soccer celebration.

Unleash the Magic of a Soccer-Themed Birthday Party

Action Packed Fun

Immerse your child and their friends in a soccer wonderland with engaging skills, drills, and games on our small-sided pitch. Witness the excitement as they score goals, showcase their moves, all within the comfort of our indoor venue, regardless of the weather. Air conditioning ensures a cool celebration even on the hottest days!

Photo Opportunity

Parents, be ready to capture those cherished moments as your young athletes shine on our pitches, creating memories that will be cherished forever.

Birthday Cake Extravaganza

Bring your cake dreams to life! Our venue is the perfect space to cut the cake, sing happy birthday, and indulge in the sweetness of the celebration.

Food Options

Tailor the party to your taste with personalized food choices. Our booked space is exclusively yours, ensuring a convenient and customized celebration.

Private Hire

Enjoy exclusive access! When you book with us, the soccer area transforms into your private haven, guaranteeing an intimate and exclusive celebration.

Qualified Soccer Coaches

Led by certified soccer coaches, our parties promise expertise, enthusiasm, and a fantastic soccer experience for every child.

Lolly Bags for All

Sweet memories in every bag! Each participant receives a delightful lolly bag, adding a touch of sweetness to the soccer celebration.

Trophy Presentation

Crown the birthday child with a distinctive 2addictiveLifestyles soccer trophy – a lasting reminder of their extraordinary day.

Ready to Kick Off Your Soccer Birthday Party?

Contact us now to secure your spot for the ultimate soccer-themed birthday party. Call 9070 9070 or email Elevate your child's birthday celebration with soccer joy at 2addictiveLifestyles Training Centre!

Find more information on our Soccer Birthday Party Page: Click here 

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